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Got those pre-first dance jitters? Make your dance stress-free and memorable with Dynamique.

Let Dynamique help make that special day one you'll always remember - for all the good reasons! With our personalised first dance choreography, you'll be dancing to the rhythm with moves to suit you and your partner's ability.

We're experienced, approachable, flexible and most of all - friendly! We can come to your home to create a wonderful party piece that your friends and family will enjoy and talk about forever. Our dances are perfect for first-time beginners to more advanced dancers.

The perfect first dance

Show off your relationship with comfortable dance moves based on your ability level!

Avoid pre-first dance jitters with lessons from Dynamique

Dynamique Dance has been delivering affordable wedding dance lessons across London and the Midlands since 2006. We pride ourselves on being affordable, personable, creative and patient.

We will work with you to ensure the steps you perform are right for you and show off your personality and relationship. We're more than happy to come to your home or wedding venue to ensure you feel at ease, working exclusively with you to give you the time and attention you require.

How Does it Work?

Our aim is to make you feel relaxed and as comfortable as possible when it comes to your first dance at your wedding reception. The price of our first dance lessons starts at £45 per hour where you'll have a one to one dance session with a trained, professional instructor.

We'll come to you to provide a personalised routine catered to you and your ability level. We recommend 4 hours of lessons at £180 to practice the routine and get the right support for your special day.

Get the girls together and perform a bridal party dance with Dynamique!

Our bridal party dance routines

Why not get all of your girlfriends together to perform at your wedding? This option can be easily combined with a dancing hen party package to produce a fabulous performance to stun your wedding guests.

A 2-hour lesson learning a 1-2 minute routine starts from £150. 4 hours over x2 2 hour lessons are ideal for 3-minute dances. Prices start at £200. For a more complicated and longer 'mash-up’ routine which combines a number of songs, we suggest 6 hours over x3 2 hour lessons. Prices start from £300.

Why not try these dance ideas?

  • Beyonce's 'Single Ladies'
  • Bee Gees 'More Than a Woman'
  • Aretha Franklin 'Sisters are doing it for themselves'
  • Destiny's Child 'Independent Woman'
  • Other songs and ideas are also available!

Surprise your bride or groom with a special dance!

It's becoming increasingly popular for grooms or brides at the wedding to take the lead and perform a comedy routine with their partners.

Take the lead with our dance routines

Dynamique Dance is experienced in teaching even complete beginners choreography to impress all guests and most importantly the bride at the wedding.

So, far we've helped grooms recreate Micheal Jackson's 'Thriller' and Psy's 'Gangnam Style' and a Beyonce & Backstreet Parody.

Prices start at £45 an hour, and we can also edit the music for your big night.

Dance down the aisle!

Kickstart your ceremony with a tailored wedding entrance or exit dance.

Ceremony entrance and exit dances

As made famous by T Mobile with their Royal Wedding Dance Parody, dancing down the aisle to or from the ceremony is now a popular choice.

Dynamique Dance is experienced in delivering a first-class service, offering creative vision and expertise to create a showstopping dance guaranteed to wow your guests! Our wedding ceremony dances are perfect for all ability levels as we cater to you and your guests!

Need your music editing to make your day just right? We can do this for you. Prices for Ceremony Entrance and Exit Dance lessons start at £45 an hour.

Would you like to surprise your partner with a flashmob engagement proposal?

Or your wedding guests with a surprise dance? Or even as a gift planned for the lucky couple?

Flashmob dance lessons and choreography

Dynamique Dance is here to help you bring your creative idea to reality. With professional dance experience in both choreography and performance. We have the skills and expertise to see your vision and bring it to life with movement.

Director Katie has choreographed for the BBC, North One TV and numerous events including the Greenwich Film Festival, Limelight Film Awards and for the BBC 2 TV show 'Let Me Entertain You.'

Katie has even replicated a flash mob for her own wedding - surprising her none the wiser husband to Carly Rae Jepson's 'Call Me Maybe' - a song he loves!

I'm interested! What next?

Great! Let us help you create an amazing performance. Our prices start at £45 per hour with bespoke packages available! Needing extra dancers? We can also source and supply professional dancers!

Why have your wedding dance lessons from Dynamique?

We understand how big and important your special day is - we aim to brighten up your dance with personalised choreography to suit you and your partner.

  • We tailor the dance to suit YOU every step of the way!

  • We come to YOU to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed in your own surroundings.

  • We're experienced and qualified teachers with professional dance experience.

  • We don't offer any complicated 'set in stone' bronze, silver or gold packages.

    We charge by the hour meaning that if you are fast learners or want a break - we can shorten or lengthen the lessons to suit you and your requirements. 

  • We are more affordable.

    At Dynamique, we understand your money is importantly needed for that gorgeous dress and honeymoon!

"Katie was great - she listened to what we wanted from our first dance and tailored everything to us as a couple - perfect and she really made it great fun."

- Caroline and Jim

''Katie is a fantastic dance teacher. We have really enjoyed working with her over the last few months. The lessons are good value and flexible. She tailored the dance to our ability, occasion and personalities, making sure we were comfortable along the way. It's been so much fun!"

- Becca and Ajay

"Having not done any kind of dancing before, Katie made us feel relaxed as soon as we met her. She was a pleasure to work with, listening to our ideas and incorporating them into the dance to fit with the beat. Katie was extremely patient with all our mistakes and never once made us feel uncomfortable with our "four left feet."

- Helen and Richard

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P.S it makes a great engagement gift - why not purchase a gift-card for the bride & groom?!

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