Grooms dance

It is becoming increasingly popular for grooms to take the lead and perform a comedy routine to their partners. Dynamique Dance are experienced in teaching complete beginners choreography to perform at the wedding. So far we have helped the grooms party to recreate Micheal Jackson's 'Thriller', Psy's 'Gangnam style' and a Beyonce and Backstreet Boys parody. Prices start from £45 hour. We can also edit the music for you.

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'Thank you so much for your best wishes, we are all blown away with how well it went, Emma didn't suspect a thing and loved what we had put together, she has had a constant smile on her face.Thanks again Katie, what you put together is legendary' - James Pegg August 2014

'Great service and very approachable. We managed to really nail our performance and we couldn't have done it without a routine which suited our skill level.The thing that worked for us most of all was your second lesson. It tied it all in together so we are glad to have had two teachers. Amy was great too, but I actually think it helped seeing two different approaches and we benefitted as a result. We took bits from both of you which helped us loads.'


Peter Dilks, July 2013-Grooms 'Thriller' dance








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