Having professional dancers present at your event can get your party started with a swing. Hiring our duo of dancers will


-Create a party atmophere

-Ensure your guests are confident on the dance floor

-Provide you with a visual display to wow your guests


Dynamique Dance supplied London band 'Creation' with disco and street dancers for Bar and Bat mitzvahs in and around London for over 2 years. 'Katie has been providing dancers for us and has been a pleasure to work with. Not only is she a first class dancer and choreographer herself, but all of her dancers share those qualities.' - Simon Cooper-Creation Band 2009


Our popular package includes two dancers who stay for 4 hours maximum. They will perform a commercial dance (3-5 mins) to entertain guests followed by informally dancing with and teaching guests the moves they've just seen (45mins total including performance time). Then they will return x3 times for 20 minutes at a time to stand on the stage or by the DJ leading the crowd in party dances (YMCA, Macerana, 5678, soldier boi, gangam style, 80s classics for example) with well known or pre choreographed easy to follow movements.  Timing examples 19.00-19.05pm performance followed by teaching elements of dance till 19.45pm, set 1 20.30-20.50pm, set 2 21.30-21.50pm, set 3 22.30-22.50pm     £250


For an additional fee we can tailor the package to suit your theme. Please call to discuss further. All dance styles available.


Clients include:





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